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Friday, September 7, 2012

Project Organization

Before Photos

Teenage Daughter's Bathroom Sink

Underneath Sink

After Photos

Organizing isn't a one time deal.  It's a lot like doing laundry.  There is a feeling of satisfaction when everything is clean and in its place, but you have to continually work at keeping it that way.  Every approaching change in seasons brings with it a feeling of new beginnings for me.  I seem to get in organization mode and feel an urgency to declutter.  I have several areas of my home I'd like to tackle this Fall such as my bathrooms, laundry room, linen closet and hopefully garage.  I find it inspiring when other people share their organizing tips and photos so I thought I'd share mine to possibly inspire you.   When I'm stuck on how to organize something I also find it helpful to ask for a friend's perspective.  I find it easier to organize other people's things than my own.  Sometimes the solution is so simple, but I can't see it because I have arranged things a certain way for so long.

Every week or so I'll  be tackling a space in my house that has gotten out of hand.  This week I worked on bathrooms.  Anyone with a teenage daughter knows that their bathroom sink could even rattle Deepak Chopra.  Every time I walked into my daughter's room it made my heart race to look at her bathroom sink.  The first step was to purge any old makeup and things she wasn't using.  The items she uses every day I put in containers and left them displayed on her sink because I know it would be unrealistic to think she will put them in a drawer.  Sometimes it's a matter of having the right size container to store things. I bought all of mine at Target.  Keeping with the same color scheme gives it a more uniform look.  I also bought plastic caddies to contain extra items underneath the sink.  My daughter can pull the whole container out when she needs something and things don't get shoved to the back of the cabinet. 

It gives me great satisfaction to open a cabinet and see it neatly organized even if it's just for a short period of time.  Since I share a house with three other people and a miniature schnauzer it's not always possible to keep it organized.  For some reason, my family doesn't feel the same joy I get from organization.  I haven't given up faith though that one day they will.  I hope this inspires you to clean one of your spaces.   There are a ton of great blogs and websites that give tips on organizing.  One I found particularly helpful is www.iheartorganizing.blogspot.com.  Jen has a lot of great ideas and her blog is a great source of inspiration.

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