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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Costco Finds

Le Delice de Bourgogne Triple Creme
Sea Salt and Black Sesame Wildrice Crisps

It's amazing what you can discover at Costco.  I hadn't ventured into Costco for at least a month.  I have a membership to both Sam's Club and Costco through my husbands work.  I like Costco's food items a lot better, but Sams is more convenient.  I was thrilled to find Costco carried pizzelles.  My mother makes pizzelles every Christmas.  They are a thin Italian cookie that's made with an iron similar to a waffle iron.  My mother makes them with anisette which has a black licorice taste to it.  I'm not positive, but I think that's how they are traditionally made.  I have a pizzelle iron, but it only makes two cookies at a time.  It's a bit labor and time intensive so I was happy to find Costco sells a huge container of  vanilla pizzelles for $5.99.  They aren't quite as good as my mothers, but they are good enough.  

My second find was triple creme cheese.  A friend of mine told me about this rich, soft and creamy cheese. It's delicious spread on a slice of crusty french bread.  I think it's similar to a brie cheese.  It can be difficult to find because it sells out quickly.  It's also a bargain at $10.99 a pound.  

The third item is sea salt and black sesame wildrice crisps.  I bought these when a friend was visiting who is allergic to gluten.  There are a lot of gluten free items out there which aren't very tasty, but these are delicious.  I now buy them for myself.  Feel free to leave a comment on any Costco items that are your favorites.  

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