"All of us are watchers of television, of time clocks, of traffic on the freeway, but few are observers.
Everyone is looking not many are seeing." Peter Leschak

Monday, May 28, 2012

Gratitude Monday

I almost let this Monday pass by without posting.  It is Memorial Day and my husbands 77 and 80 year old aunts are visiting.  They drove all the way from Arizona.  I'm grateful they had a safe trip and we've had a nice visit with them.

I am reminded this Memorial Day of all the soldiers who have died for the country I live in.  I'm grateful for their bravery and courage and for all the soldiers who are still fighting.  I hope that one day we can all  live in peace.  I saw a quote on pinterest that said "Home of the Free, Because of the Brave."  Of course it was in a really cute font in red, white and blue, but I haven't quite figured out all of the short cuts to pasting images on my blog.  For now, I'm just grateful I took the time to write these few sentences. 

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