"All of us are watchers of television, of time clocks, of traffic on the freeway, but few are observers.
Everyone is looking not many are seeing." Peter Leschak

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Grandma & Sue

A best friend to me is someone who tells you the truth, and listens and supports you in good times and bad. It's sort of like a marriage, but without the paperwork. As children and teenagers most people have best friends, but as you get older and start a family it can be difficult to maintain ties with friends. I remember my grandmothers best friend Sue. I met her a few times when I was still in my single digits. My grandmother used to talk about her a lot, and I could sense they shared a close bond.  I value my friendships, but find it's as equally important to be a good friend to yourself.  I found the following quote on a greeting card and felt it sums up friendship perfectly.

"When the right friends are near us, we feel that all is well.  Our everyday life blossoms suddenly into bright possibilities."    Helen Keller

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  1. Oh, that's beautiful, Dawn. I'm going to write that quote down.

    I agree that it's hard nowadays to maintain ties with friends. Right when it seems like I'm getting to know someone they move out of state. ha, ha.

    Beautiful thoughts on friendship. :)