"All of us are watchers of television, of time clocks, of traffic on the freeway, but few are observers.
Everyone is looking not many are seeing." Peter Leschak

Monday, July 30, 2012

Gratitude Monday

Our old next door neighbors are visiting, and I'm thankful we didn't have to make the 6 hour drive to see them.  They came to us.  She also brought along her homemade chocolate chip cookies which we miss almost as much as we miss them.  I'm also thankful I get to visit an old friend this week in Connecticut. I will be spending next Monday in New York City.   I can't seem to get enough of that city.  I have been several times and there is always something new to see.

On a different note back to school shopping is right around the corner.  I love all of the fun notebooks, pens and markers.  I'm always grateful for a new journal or cute folder even though I'm not going back to school.   I will always be a student in some way.  I'm always taking some sort of on line course and  I love learning new things.   I'm also loving all of the dorm room items that are on sale this time of year.  It takes me back to my college years.  

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