"All of us are watchers of television, of time clocks, of traffic on the freeway, but few are observers.
Everyone is looking not many are seeing." Peter Leschak

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Moving On

There is one thing we can always count on and that is change.  Change is inevitable.  There are a few changes currently going on in my neighborhood.  One of my good friends down the street moved to Arizona yesterday.  Another good friend who lives in my cul-de-sac will be moving next week.  We both moved into our newly built homes 13 years ago.  They are only moving five miles away, but it still isn't the same as walking out your door and chatting at the mailbox for 10 minutes.  Our cul-de-sac has seen several moves over the years, but the majority of us remain just barely.  Our kids were riding their tricycles and driving motorized vehicles 13 years ago and now they are driving real cars.

As a child I moved around quite a bit.  I lived in three different cities in Pennsylvania, North Carolina for three years, and have lived in Kansas since 1983.  My children live in the same county since birth and will most likely be raised in the same house until they graduate from high school.  There is a comfort in familiarity, but it can sometimes cause you to be narrow minded and live in a bubble. Fortunately, we've had the opportunity to travel quite a bit with our kids which hopefully helps.

Although it was difficult at times, moving offered new adventures.  It was an opportunity to see different parts of the United States and it forced me to meet new people.  As a an adult I try to make an effort to welcome new people because I have been in their shoes.  It has been strange, and I feel harder being on the other side of a move.  Everyone seems to be moving on and I've been in the same house for 13 years.  Although it will never be the same, the new neighbors will bring a different perspective and set of experiences.  I will do my part to keep in touch with my friends who have moved on.  In the meantime, I will satisfy my wanderlust with travel and trust that I am where I need to be for now. 

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